OOTD: Free People Fragile Heart Maxi Dress

This week is starting to feel like fall, ladies and gents. But next week the temperature will probably be in the 90’s. So for now, let’s enjoy let’s enjoy the cooler weather. And what better way to enjoy than with a printed maxi and a fall hat?  

I love how subtle this print is. Truthfully, I didn’t realize it was a paisley print until I tried it on and looked at it up close. Paisley can be scary sometimes (think Vera Bradley). But done with neutral colors, it’s actually quite chic. This is the most perfect maxi dress to transition into the fall. Right now it is perfect for warm nights. And in the fall, it will be great with an oversized cardigan or cozy sweater. The options are endless!


  Dress: Free People, $168

Hat: Anthropologie, $58

Shoes: Dolce Vita (no longer available)

Can you believe summer is almost over??


Vacation Recap

All good things must come to an end. Vacations are some of the best things in the world. They are totally necessary in life. Luckily, I was able to travel to the beach this year for a getaway. Gulf Shores, Alabama to be exact. Now that I am home, I want to share some of my favorite outfits and accessories from my trip. 

Clockwise from top left: Tunic Anthropologie, $88; Jeans American Eagle, $49.95; Shoes, Dolce Vita (no longer available); Necklace, Anthropologie (no longer available); Handbag Target, $15 | Kimono, Nordstrom (no longer available); Hat Anthropologie, $58 | Tunic (same as above) | Dress Anthropologie, $89.95; Clutch, Francesca’s (no longer available); Bracelet Francesca’s, $28; Shoes, Dolce Vita (no longer available)

This dip-dye tunic from Anthropologie was one of my go-to pieces on my trip. I talked about it in a previous post, but I wore it as a cover-up and with jeans. This top is so light and breezy. Just perfect for the summer. Kimonos also served as fabulous swimsuit cover-ups throughout my vacation. I don’t know how I went through life without them! And I can’t forget about this stunning white dress from Anthropologie. It was perfect for a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Flippers. Yum!

Clockwise from top left: Sunglasses Free People, $20 | Kimono, Old Navy (no longer available) | Dress, shop similar at Anthropologie, $99 | Boots, Frye Nordstrom, $257

These sunglasses from Free People are my new favorites. I wore them everyday during my trip. They are the first pair of non-designer shades I’ve had in over a decade. But they are fabulous. And a great quality. Of course I wore the sunnies with another kimono. I wore this kimono during a sail boat ride. I got to see adorable wild dolphins and the Blue Angels practice. Every trip to the beach involves ice cream. I went to Rita’s Frozen Custard and it was beyond delicious. Sprinkles included! I wore this breezy dress from Anthropologie. I had a similar version from Anthro last year and wore it all of the time. Ok, I still wear it! This year’s updated version has a high-low hem. I’m obsessed with it. Last but not least, the Frye boots. They were perfect for casual days out and about. 

I posted some of my favorite pics on Instagram throughout the week. Let’s be Instagram friends! You can follow me at handle @studdeddahlia

Now back to reality. I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!


OOTD: Anthropologie Pleated Trellis Dress

With summer winding down, it seems appropriate to showcase my latest white dress. White is my favorite color to wear in the spring and summer months. I don’t tend to follow any “fashion rules,” so I have no problem wearing white after Labor Day. Does anyone follow that rule anymore? If you do, stop! Wearing white during any time of year is completely acceptable. 

 A white dress against a beautiful sunset calls for some fun accessories. While shopping during this lovely vacation, I found some cute accessories from Francesca’s. While I do not normally wear orange, I felt drawn to this fun clutch. And it was a fantastic price! This clutch is a perfect pop of color. And I couldn’t resist the bracelet. It is so interesting and pretty. And it’s gold!    

 This dress from Anthropologie is reminiscent of the classic white Marilyn Monroe dress. Can you believe she wore that dress in 1955? 60 years later, the silhouette is still worn today. A true classic. This dress works on every body type. 

Dress: Pleated Trellis Dress Anthropologie, $89.95

Bracelet: Lavaca Jeweled Cuff Francesca’s, $28

Clutch: Francesca’s (not online). Shop similar at Anthropologie, $19.95

Sunnies: Abby Road Free People, $20

Shoes: Dolce Vita (no longer available)

 Happy Friday!


Easy Like (Monday) Morning


It is finally vacation time. And I’m so excited. And already a little burnt. But I won’t let that rain on my parade. I am a total beach girl. And my favorite part of the beach (besides the sun, sand and ocean) is the easy, relaxed style. Tunics, dresses and cover-ups make me a happy girl. Plus, there is something about the beach that gives you those perfect beachy-waves in your hair. 

The second I saw this top, I knew it was made for the beach. The colors and the length are on point. It is perfect as a little cover-up or paired with jeans or shorts. Now, please keep in mind…it is probably not acceptable to wear just the top to places other than the beach (or a pool). 

  Add some jeans and boots and viola! You now have a casual, beach look. These Frye boots were a total steal from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year. The price has gone up, but I got them for $179. Worth it. 
Top: Dipped Kiri Tee Anthropologie, $88

Jeans: AG (last year). Shop similar from Anthropologie, $198

Boots: Frye Billy Short Nordstrom, $257

Necklace: Anthropologie (last year)

Sunnies: Abby Road Free People, $20



Where have you guys vacationed this summer?


7 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 17-Year-Old Self

Today is my 27th birthday. And yes, I still get obnoxiously excited about my birthday. Why not? An entire day (or week…ok maybe month) dedicated to me? Yes please. I’ve always loved the number 7. Probably because my birthday is August 7th. And seeing as today is my 27th birthday, I thought it would be fun to keep with the “7” theme and travel way back to when I was 17 and give myself some style, beauty and life lessons. 

1. “Stop tanning so much.”

I was that girl who was always so tan. And looking back, it was not a good look. A healthy glow is one thing. But leather skin is quite another. Eventually I wised up in my early twenties and became obsessed with skincare products. And I started to tan less and less to eventually not at all. 

2. “Ease up on wearing that Abercrombie.”

Sure it was the look 10 years ago. And I rocked a polo and denim skirt like no other. But I spent way too much money there. Look around today…I haven’t seen anyone wear polos. But denim skirts are creeping their way back. And Abercrombie is a failing brand. Sad, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Luckily I would discover Anthropologie, Free People and Nordstrom not too long after I turned 18. And my style would get much better. Phew!

3. “Take that study abroad option.”

I was presented with a study abroad option my freshman year of college and I did not take advantage of it. I could have studied in London for half a year and I said “no” because I was too afraid. Silly, Kelli. What were you thinking??

4. “Enjoy that greasy food…”

“…because in about 3 years your metabolism is going to slow down significantly.” I wish I would have developed better eating habits when I was younger. It’s far more difficult to eat healthy when you’re an adult. But when you’re young, you can get away with eating that shit. 

5. “Maybe join a few clubs in college.”

I commuted to college and was pretty disconnected to the “college life.” I had no desire to join clubs or go to events. And why not? I have no idea. I guess since I didn’t live on campus, I didn’t feel the need to get too involved. Eventually I went to some sporting events on campus, but that was about it. 

6. “Stop worrying so much!”

Something I still continue to tell myself. For whatever reason, I’ve always been a worrier. About many different things. It really intensified when I was 17. It got better throughout the years. But I still worry to this day. And I need to always remind myself to just chill out. Everything will be just fine. 

*This photo-purple polo and all-was from my 17th birthday! What is going on with those curtains?? Eek. 

7. “Take it easy on the eyebrows.”

A common theme I see around many girls of all ages. Most of us over-plucked and over-waxed our eyebrows. Yikes! Not a good look. And guess what? One day they stop growing back. 

So there you have it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were given notes from our adult-self when we were younger? But then we would never learn. So just enjoy life! And take care of your skin. In case you’re wondering, I still have the car. I actually was a responsible teen and young-adult and took care of it. 

 Happy Friday!


Listen to the Wind Blow

Watch the sun rise. Fleetwood Mac ladies and gents. If you are anything like me, you were raised on good music from the 70’s. I draw style inspiration from many different areas. I’ve always considered my style very feminine with a dash of boho. And there is nothing more boho than the 70’s. Loose layers, tunics, beachy hair waves and over sized shades. An effortless look.    

 St. Louis was given a treat last week: a Free People store! All together now, “finally.” It’s one of the biggest Free People stores in the Midwest. And it is beautiful. And I did way too much damage there last weekend. Exhibit A.) this fantastic tunic. Ok, it’s a dress. But I’m too tall to wear it as a dress. So now it’s a tunic. Exhibit B.) these adorable sunnies! They come in several different colors. It was actually hard for me to pick just one. And bonus! They’re only $20.    

 On to the leggings. Leather! Well, faux leather. They are clearly going to be a fall staple in my wardrobe. I snatched these bad boys up at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. These leggings are a tunic’s best friend. They sing together in perfect harmony. But in all seriousness, it is way too hot in St. Louis to be wearing leather leggings. I was so excited about them, but then I almost suffered from heat stroke while wearing them. See you in September little leather leggings.    

 Dress: Daylight Dreams Dress Free People, $148

Leggings: Leith Nordstrom, $44.90

Booties: BP Trott Bootie Nordstrom, $79.90

Sunglasses: Abbey Road Sunglasses Free People, $20

Long necklace: Anthropologie (last year)

Name necklace: Nordstrom, $84.90

Happy Wednesday!




It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. New fall items for almost half-off? That’s a no-brainer. But the sale only lasts a few weeks. Once the sale is over, the prices go up. So it is just silly not to buy. I went a tad crazy last week and bought four pairs of boots. Then, I bought a few more items this week. And maybe I ordered some goodies online today. Ok, I’ve said too much! Please don’t judge me on my addiction. 



First up, the blanket cardigan. This cardi made its way back after last year’s debut. And I’m thrilled. Was it 100 degrees in St. Louis today? Sure was. But I adore this cardi with this little drop-waist dress. For the love of clothes, people!



And now, shoes! I almost passed these beauties up. I have my taupe Dolce Vita wedge booties that I’ve been obsessed with. However, the DV’s are spring/summery. So, clearly I needed some taupe booties for the fall/winter months. And I’m glad I got these. Comfortable, chic, and a great price!

On the topic of sales, I came across this adorable white dress from Ann Taylor this week. I typically don’t shop there, but I decided to pop in. I found so many cute things! Plus, all sale items are currently an additional 50% off. Just lovely. This dress is obviously part of my favorite color scheme. I always gravitate to creams, whites and taupes. 


Dress: Embroidered Drop Waist Dress Ann Taylor, $139. 

Cardigan: Love by Design Blanket Cardigan Nordstrom, $38. 

Shoes: Biala ‘Ashton’ Leather Wedge Ankle Bootie Nordstrom, $84. 

Hat: Anthropologie (last year). Shop similar at Anthropologie, $68. 

Necklace: Nordstrom, $84

Stay tuned for more of my favorite pieces from the anniversary sale. More importantly, get out there and snatch up the goods! They sell out quickly!

Happy Sunday!


OOTD: Kate Spade Blooms Fit and Flare Dress


As many of you know, I live for fit and flare dresses. And floral dresses. So imagine the pure joy I experienced when I found this gorgeous Kate Spade dress for a ridiculously good price. There it was, hanging all alone at a Kate Spade outlet store. I was immediately drawn to it. And what would you know? It was my size. I had to hold back the tears. I didn’t want the sales associates to think I was insane. 


Where would I wear this pretty frock to? A tea room? A garden party? A wedding? All of the above, of course! But I saved it for my first day of work at my new job. I thought it was a perfect representation of who I am. And it was a hit.



And now, the shoes. Oh how I swoon over these shoes. I’ve been eyeing them at Nordstrom for a few months but couldn’t bring myself to try them on. Why? Because they are over $300. So I was shopping with my shoe guy a few weeks ago and I kept looking at these Paul Green shoes. But I kept saying “no.” I asked him to try on a different pair of shoes and that scalawag brought out the Paul Green’s instead. Fine. I’ll just try them on. No harm in that? Yeah, right. They were a perfect fit. And so comfortable. Like unbelievably comfortable. And soft! Sold. I decided to use a personal triple point day at Nordstrom and ended up getting a $20 Nordstrom note a week later. So, there’s that. 


Dress: Kate Spade, $199

Shoes: Paul Green Nordstrom, $349

Bag: Sam & Libby Target, $15.74

Just a little FYI on this dress. I got it at a Kate Spade outlet a few weeks ago. It was marked down to $199, yes, but it was an additional 40% off and then 20% off of that. So if you love this dress, I recommend hitting up one of the outlets. 

Happy Sunday, my loves! Enjoy this summer day!


Party in the USA


A big Happy 4th of July to everyone! It is one of my favorite holidays. Fireworks + hot dogs + gingham plaid = summer heaven. There are plenty of ways to dress patriotic. Today, I’m showing my patriotism by wearing an American flag sweater and distressed jeans. The Americana look does not always have to be so literal. I’ve pulled some of my favorite pieces from Anthropologie to show how you can incorporate this look:

Left to right: Rehoboth Stripe Mini Dress Anthropologie, $168; Bon Voyage Dress Anthropologie, $168; Damia Midi Dress Anthropologie, $375

Left to right: Gingham Picnic Top Anthropologie, $89.95; Fluttered Poplin Top Anthropologie, $88; Celestine Buttondown Anthropologie, $88

Left to right: J Brand 9326 Cropped Skinny Jeans Anthropologie, $178; Scalloped Lacework Shorts Anthropologie, $88; Bowtie High-Rise Shorts Anthropologie, $78

Left to right: Sam Edelman Dorsey Jeweled Sandals Anthropologie, $79.95; Blue Sea Bar Necklace Anthropologie, $148; Myrna Shoulder Bag Anthropologie, $228

Bonus!! Right now at Anthropologie all sale items are an additional 20% off! There are so many great sale items at Anthro right now. Check it out!

Top: Old Navy, $22

Jeans: Evereve, $152

Now get out there and celebrate!


That’s Palm-tastic

Yes, I adore the pineapple print this year, but I must talk about another print that is giving the pineapple print a run for it’s money: The palm print. The palm print has been the surprise hit of the summer. It is just about everywhere. Palm leaves or Palm trees, the print is here to stay! Here are some of my favorites:

 1. For Love & Lemons Palm Maxi Dress Urban Outfitters, $189. 2. Halogen Colorful Palm Scarf Nordstrom, $32. 3. Shadow Palm Pullover Anthropologie, $98. 4. Steve Madden Nordstrom, $38. 5. Sam Edelman Nordstrom, $99. 

1. Temporary Tattoo Urban Outfitters, $6. 2. Mossimo Target, $15.99. 3. Topshop Nordstrom, $90. 4. Nicole Miller Nordstrom, $97. 5. Vince Camuto Nordstrom, $59.40

The Topshop jumpsuit is my absolute favorite. Now if only I could wear a jumpsuit. Perhaps one day. What do you guys think of the palm print?

Happy Sunday!